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Originally based on MIT App Inventor, AppyBuilder is a FREE Drag & Drop mobile app builder platform that allows anyone to quickly design and build Android mobile apps, Even With No Coding Skills!

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Cloud-based, no software to download

Use any browser to design and build Android mobile apps

Support for multiple languages

Ability to switch between 12 different languages!

Monetization components

Start monetizing your apps within minutes! Check out our tutorials


Push Notification

Use OneSignal dashboard to send push-notification to all users of your app

Fully Drag-N-Drop platform

No coding skills? No problem. Just drag, drop and snap blocks to code your app!

Storage components

Use variety of storage components such as Google Spreadsheet, local SQL Lite, CloudDB, Shared Preferences (TinyDB), Firebase DB, etc.

    Tons of other components such as: Google Map, Sensors (proximity, light, pressure, gravity, etc), drawing, animation, social, and many other components to make you start building your dream apps with no coding!


Community Forum

We have a community forum of over +6,400 active members ready to help and provide answers.


Help, documentation for beginner to advanced tutorials including video tutorials.


Our Expert Team


Why AppyBuilder is The Best

AppyBuilder is THE-ONE platform that started after MIT App-Inventor and now has +85,000 registered members who have made +300,000 projects / apps. We listen to our users and update / enhance based on users input. Check us out at AppyBuilder Community

  • Got the million dollar app idea? Use AppyBuilder to Make It Happen
  • Wanna build game apps? Use the built-in components to create apps with canvas, sprite images and built-in animation logic
  • Need to make your web-site accessible using mobile-app? Just use Webviewer component to point to your webpage address


We provide documentation, step-by-step tutorials and beginner to advanced video tutorials. Beginners can use it to learn how to start building apps, and advanced users can use it to learn complex logic such as advanced components and procedures.

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We're here to answer any questions you may have about AppyBuilder or any services that we offer. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Have technial questions?

Use http://Community.AppyBuilder.com to post any technical questions